“I am currently receiving lipo laser, and a couple other treatments. I purchased a pack of 8 treatments. After doing even the first one, i started noticing positive results. Done 5 of my 8 and I have definitely noticed a huge difference. Cannot wait for end results! Thanks so much Alanna:)"


"​I bought a coupon through Groupon for 8 Lipolaser treatments. She assessed it and instead gave me a different treatment which would reduce cellulite and fat.
I have to say when I bought the voucher I was sceptical and scared , I didn’t know if this was dangerous for my body .

Now, 3 months after finishing my treatment , my legs look better than ever ! She was right !! The cellulite disappeared, I have lost a lot of volume and even people notice it and my body has changed a lot .
She is amazing, she knows what she is doing, and she is NOT trying to sell you a product.

Thank you Alana , I have no words , I am so happy with the results, you were right ! 💖
Fully recommended !!


“Alana is the BEST. Right from the beginning I felt at ease-- she's incredibly warm and professional. Although I have only begun my treatments I am seeing the start of some results and am eager to continue ! Thank you so much Alana !"



Alana (the owner) is absolutely amazing. She made the experience absolutely remarkable - I feel as if I have made a long term friend with her! Regarding results, I did abdominal Eurowave and Shockwave therapy together. Since then I have lost 4 inches at my stomach, and my waist. My love handles have decreased in size as well. I Have also noticed that when I work out at the gym, I am able complete Ab exercises much easier with more reps. From the start of my treatments I was able to hold a 30 second plank and now I can do 2 minutes! This is definitely because of the eurowave. I have also noticed that my overall body size and shape have significantly become smaller, and Im now fitting comfortably into pants I couldnt even up past my hips. Alana was wonderful from the first phone call when I asked to book an appointment. She adjusted her own schedule for me for my availability. Taking into consideration my age and my desired results, she even switched a package for my free of charge for what would benefit me most. She is so knowledgeable in what she does, so friendly, and so kind. Her clinic itself is incredibly clean, well put together, and smells wonderful. By my second appointment I had already bought more treatments. I don't normally leave reviews for people/companies, however I honestly cannot express what a wonderful experience I have had at this place. The experience was truly made wonderful because of Alana. I highly recommend this place - I will definitely continue to go here. Thanks Alana!


“First of all I want to say that Alana is very kind, and informative. She knows what she's doing and genuinely cares and wants to help. I broke my wrist 6 weeks ago, Alana started Flashwave treatments to speed up my recovery and healing time. After only a few treatments it was clear how effective it was. Flashwave sped up my healing and ability to properly move my hand and wrist again by about 4 weeks. My tendons were very tight and hurt moving, but thanks to Alana, they no longer do. I highly recommend Alana and the treatments that her spa provides."


“I was very impressed with Alana, she is professional and kind. The salon was nicely decorated and relaxing. I had 3 Lipolaser treatments and saw immediate results, loosing 3 inches off mid section. I recommend this spa and will be returning and trying some of the other treatments"


"Alana is absolutely amazing at what she does. She's funny, quirky and attentive. She will never make you feel rushed! Strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone!"


I came to know about Esteem Treatments when I purchased a Groupon for one of their package treatments and then later purchased an additional treatment package. When I first entered the salon, I was welcomed by Alana, who settled me in for my treatment. Alana is just amazing, so friendly and welcoming, and professional. she explained what the treatments entailed, what to expect and the equipment involved. And her salon is so new, clean and comfortable. You will feel so spoiled and pampered !!!


“Highly recommend Alana. She is professional, knowledgeable, and her spa is so very relaxing. Alana does not sell you treatments you don't need and is very honest. My results have been amazing! Thank you Alana."


👏Wonderful, easy, relaxing treatments that fit into a lunch hour break! Two blocks from the ocean, Esteem Treatments is a refreshing, clean, beautiful place that will leave you feeling beautiful and at peace. Did I mention the amazing Alana?! So lovely and attentive. 😊
I had 3 lipolaser treatments on my upper arms and lost about half an inch on each arm! Thighs are next!!"


Lovely experience! I’ve had five lipolasers done on my abdomen and its helped me tighten my core and rid of stubborn fat. I didn’t know what to expect but I’m glad I found esteem treatments. The service was wonderful, and the spa was clean and the experience itself was relaxing as well as enjoyable. Alana is amazing, she’s knowledgeable and makes you feel at home. I’d definitely reccomend and look forward to returning!"


I had a really amazing experience honestly from the setting to the service. The amazing part is with the services provided we get amazing personal results. The results are addictive as all equipment is of highest quality from all over the world. I felt like I was in the most capable hands as I know a lot of people can be skeptical due to bad past experiences else where. I had coolsculpting in the past and wasn't too pleased with the results. I got the lipo laser package with 8 treatments and Alana tailored a treatment that would give me the best results, she really wants what is best for you. It was nice to feel like someone wasn't just wanting your money, nothing but the best possible outcome for the client. 100% I recommend Esteem Treatments, completely addicted.