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Calm Woman

 Esteem Treatments is a personal wellness spa
in Victoria. 
We specialize in Flashwave, SkinPen, Acoustic Wave Therapy, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, LipoLaser, relaxing and rejuvenating facials, and much more.

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we offer


Flashwave for face


Acoustic Wave Therapy

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Oxygen Facial + Other Facials

AFA Peel


BODY coming soon

Flashwave for body

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening




Vibration Therapy

What our clients say

Going to Esteem Treatments has changed me. My body has changed with the different treatments I have tried. Alana is very knowledgeable with what is the best treatment for me.I started going last August and noticed small changes right away. Then I broke my leg and Alana said my package would still be there when I come back. I started going again 6 months ago and I love the changes I see still. Thank you Alana for all you do for your clients! I love telling my clients about you and your services and give out your business cards to them.
Lisa Z

The best spa/treatment service in Victoria. Alana is absolutely amazing. Not only is she very kind, but she is also very knowledgeable. She doesn't try and sell you on the "fluffy" stuff cause she doesn't have any services that aren't result based and high quality. Her devices are top of the line and her services are all about real results! Highly recommend.​


Alana is a lovely, kind, accommodating, and knowledgeable person. The spa is spotless and the treatments work. I have had several different treatments with Alana and have seen drastic and immediate results. I cannot recommend Esteem treatments enough! 100% satisfaction.


Alana is super knowledgeable, friendly, and provides top-notch service! The treatments are amazing and it's wonderful to enjoy the me-time in such a beautifully kept environment. 100% would highly recommend!​

Alana was seriously the best to work with! I had done a bunch of research about the treatment I was looking at but still had questions. Alana provided transparent and clear information that allowed me to make an informed decision and no sales pressure! Plus, it’s a total bonus that she’s cool as hell!​
a wonderful client 💚

Alana is absolutely amazing at what she does. She's funny, quirky and attentive. She will never make you feel rushed! Strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

Highly recommend Alana. She is professional, knowledgeable, and her spa is so very relaxing. Alana does not sell you treatments you don't need and is very honest. My results have been amazing! Thank you Alana.


I love seeing what new and exciting services are available at Esteem Treatments! It’s always such a nice treat to take a bit of time out of my busy week to focus on self-care, wellness and beauty. We are lucky to have Alana and the services she offers!​

I just recently found Esteem Spa and I'm so delighted I did. I'm so so pleased with my results and excited to keep going to see Alana. She is a wonderful business owner, she is incredibly accommodating and makes me feel so comfortable and unhurried during every visit!​


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